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Black Hawk Martial Arts is a family- friendly school that offers quality instruction to the greater Green Tree area. Our mission is to help you GROW by being a focused, self-disciplined and confident individual, both on our mats and in your life.


Students will receive training in the art of Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean style of karate. Black Hawk instructors stress the importance of respect, discipline and hard work. 


There is no easy path to a worthy goal, but while the path is difficult, our staff will not ask you to walk it alone.  We cannot walk it for you, but we will walk it with you.

Traditional Karate

our facility

Black Hawk Martial Arts Training Center is located in the Green Tree Borough at 600 Iron City Drive in Pittsburgh, PA 15205.  We are co-located with the GreenTree SportsPlex. 


We are a full service martial arts facility with a focus on traditional martial arts.  We do, however offer sport karate and regularly compete in tournaments.  

Traditional Karate
Sport Martial Arts
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